Achaval Ferrer wants to extend the Quimera brand with two new wines that would help the brand’s reach. Naif and Intro would need to communicate a more boutique, artisanal qualities and would be aimed at millennials and consumers interested in medium price offerings, especially unique malbec and red blend wines.

Naïf means “/naive/ natural and unaffected; innocent”. As a younger wine (than the rest of the Achaval Ferrrer Quimeras’s product line), we designed the label to feel fresh, friendly, authentic and simple to find on shelf with a summer flower. The overall design is contemporary, yet warm with a simple b&w and red palette. The final touch was a cream white neck with “faux-historic” Achaval Ferrer wine cellar logo, that provided just the right amount of authenticity.

Intro shares some aspects of the personality of his brother Naïf with a wilder soul. That spirit is part of the new label design, also featuring the emotion and fear of the new and unknown.