About Brands don't act. They behave. The secret to a successful brand is when it lives throughout the company. When external actions align with its internal culture. So a brand is a person's gut feeling. SeventhDesign's mission is to create lasting and effective brands that stand out and achieve their best performance, connecting to your customers through meaningful interactions.  How we work In order to create strong and lasting brands, we work with our own methodology which allows us to understand the essence of the business and be assertive in the development process, generating growth and results for the organizations. At SeventhDesign, we offer a range of branding services such as brand strategy, brand architecture, consulting, visual identity, graphic design, digital solutions and much more.

PublicationsThis are some of the books where our works have been featured in:  Basic Stationery Index Books (Barcelona, Spain) Infinite Pattern Sandu Publishing (Guangzhou, China)Plant Graphics Sandu Publishing (Guangzhou, China) International Visual Communication Pace Books (Hong Kong, China) Big Brand Theory Sandu Publishing (Guangzhou, China) Hotel Brand Identity Monsa Publishing (Barcelona, Spain)Touch Branding II Art Power International (Shenzhen, China)Innovative Stationery Graphics Monsa Books (Barcelona, Spain)Colour Party Dopress Books (Shenyang, China)Branding Elements / Logos / SendPoint publishing (Guangzhou, China) Hello Mr. Package! SendPoint publishing (Guangzhou, China) Menu Design: What's for lunch? Monsa Publishing (Barcelona, Spain) Magic Branding Designers Books Publishing (Beijing, China)

We thrive when coming up with innovative ideas but also understand that a smart concept should be supported with measurable results.