It’s a TV channel

Rethinking a legacy brand for the modern media age.

From its inception in 2012, Vorterix has been about being irreverent, constantly pushing the boundaries of what's politically right. Since the beginning, they’ve done this with a focus on global lifestyle and culture across the spectrum of music, sex, fashion, gaming, and more.

The young target is more permeable to be located in experiences within the unknown, to explore. This is just why we proposed a concept that builds a parallel universe, where the rules do not work exactly as they do in the real world: the social mashup.

The mashup

The basic ingredients combine in different proportions to modulate the Vorterix expressions. Content falls under this blends: smart and curious, light and fun, or deep and dangerous. But we're always irreverent.

Visual Identity



Dift Agency
Crearive direction: Bruno Siriani
General Production: Natasha Gurfinkel

Photography Team
Photography Demian Scalona
Assistants: Cecilia Gil & Ignacio Sartori
Image retouch: Alejandra Jiménez / Bruno Siriani
Conde Studios

Filming team
Direction: Natasha Gurfinkel
Photography Direction: Santiago Troccoli
Camera assistant:  Lucía Somoza
Gaffer: Juan Acosta
Electric assistant: Cristian Acosta
Tekal Studios

Video production
Montage, color & post: Bruno Siriani
Sound: Fabricio Lartigau + equipo

Graphic design: Guadalupe Peyrallo & Sebastián Dana
On Air: Bruno Siriani